Bollinger Bands Squeeze Play

Bollinger Bands are often used by traders to show probable parameters for price movement.  Approximately 90% of all price movement is said to occur within the range of these bands. 

The Bollinger Bands Squeeze Play is a specific technical set up on the charts that also integrates Keltner Channels and CCI for trading a break-out pattern on the charts.

These squeeze patterns can occur on any time frame chart and they are most important when they occur across multiple time frames at the same time.

Here's an example of a BB squeeze that occurred on the SPY:

On the above chart, the arrows point to the yellow lines of the BB being squeezed inside the Keltner Channel.  These squeeze patterns do not usually last very long.  And, on the above chart, you can see how price broke down after the pattern occurred.  After the break down, price stayed in (what I call) the "sweet spot", which is that area just between the two bands.  This provided a clear direction for the market for several days and produces a perfect opportunity for short selling.

The following video will give you the specifics.  If you enjoy the video, then you might enjoy the Support & Resistance series of videos that are available toward the bottom of this page.

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