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Sorry. Here's the correct address...
August 28, 2012
Hello again,

Here's the correct page...

This past weekend, I sent out an email and asked you to go to my new Facebook page.

Unfortunately, I goofed. I made some newbie errors when I set the thing up. And rather than waiting on Facebook support to remedy my mistake, I decided to start from scratch and redo the whole thing. So, new name and everything.

The correct Facebook name is now: StartDayTrading. (Probably sounds familiar.) So I'll ask you again. Go to the page (link below), like the page and follow me on that page. I'll be doing some brief training each week on that site. And it allows for you to give me your opinions on the topics and training.

So, hope you'll join me there. Go ahead and click the link now while you're thinking about it.

Facebook page for Start Day Trading

Thanks, Bob Joiner

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