Hope your trading is going well.

Today's ezine covers a specific, short-term trading strategy. I call it "Trading the Ping" and it is built around the simple fact that stocks often respond to lines of Support and Resistance. Price pings off of these lines, creating a short-term trading opportunity.

Sometimes, as shown in today's video, this ping can occur multiple times during the same trading day, offering several opportunities to get in and out of the trade with a small profit each time.

As with any new strategy, I encourage you to paper trade the strategy first. Using limit buy and sell orders will also help you guarantee the best price.

As always, I cannot predict what the market will do next. But, we could have some days in which the market trades in a narrow trading range. And this strategy can help you take advantage of that situation.

To view the charts and the video "Playing the Ping", simple click the following link: Playing the Ping.