This ezine will be a quick one. It is not filled with technical analysis. Instead, I need to give you some news and ask for your help on a project.

First...the news. I'm writing this in case you're not a frequent reader of my daily blog. Manny Backus and I have teamed up to create a new chat room, Morning Hours Trading. Manny is handling the memebership side of things and I am handling the chat side. But, if you haven't been reading the blog, then you may not know that today (Friday) is scheduled to be the last day of sign-up for this service. Manny may extend this deadline, but I don't really know. So, I wanted to give you a heads up.

This is a three-hour, daily chat room in which we'll be trading the gap up and gap down stocks.

In case you haven't been to the sign-up portal, then here's the address:

Morning Hours Trading

Next is my request for your help with a project. As some of you know, I started work on a book called "The Top 12 Ways to Lose Money in the Stock Market". I felt uniquely qualified to write this book, since I have done so much of it myself. But, I would really appreciate some input from my readers. And, to do that, I've created a short survey (ugh, I know). The survey will only take just a few minutes of your time. I request your first name only, so everything will be kept very private. But, your comments could help me as I try to help others with the topic of money management, discipline in trading, etc. So, please take just a few minutes and fill out this quick survey. I'm trying to finish the book within the next month, so your help is appreciated.

Here's the link:

Top 12 Ways to Lose Money Survey

Well, that's it for this issue. Like I said, no technical stuff for this issue.

Hope your trading is going well.

Sincerely, Bob