Well, it's been a few weeks since I've written. But I made this issue a meaty one, so hopefully it makes up for the lapse.

The link in today's ezine will take you to a page I just posted on my web site. It should be "live" by the time you get this ezine. But let me tell you (briefly) what I've done.

I took one afternoon trade and kept a journal of my thought process as I was entering and exiting the trade. The idea is just to let you get inside my head a little bit as I execute a trade, let you see what I see, and let you weigh the options.

I hope you'll find it helpful, even though it might be a little tedious. I've included four charts to help you see some of what I was looking at.

At the end of the page is a short bonus I'm considering for those who purchase the video course. Haven't decided anything for sure yet. But, I'm asking for feedback. The bonus would be a 30-day access to an Afternnon Alert service, where I would send people the same afternoon trade set-ups that I see each day. Again, I haven't made a firm commitment to do this yet. But, you can use the reply form on the web page to let me know.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this ezine as you look inside my thought processes for trading one stock. Here's the link: Click here to be taken to the full article.

Hope you have a happy holiday season.

And I hope this web site has helped you have a more profitable year.


Bob Joiner