As you know, I recently released the video series "Trading the Afternoon Market". But I know that some people would rather have the Reader's Digest version. So, I boiled down the essentials into a spiral bound book that has 91 pages of content and 40 full color charts. It's called "Essentials of Trading the Afternoon Market".

I've also included a PDF of the Essentials book and placed it (at no extra charge) in the video course. So, if you've already purchased the course then you'll see the Essentials document listed on the content page.

If you'd like to view the contents of the videos, or get the link to the book, then they're both found at the following link: Trading the Afternoon Market.

Here are the last two installments for "Perils of the Afternoon Market".

Perils of the Afternoon Market, Part Six

Perils of the Afternoon Market, Part Seven

Hope you have a good week of trading.


Bob Joiner