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Day Trading with the Technicals, Issue #026
August 25, 2012

A Facebook Discussion

Hope your trading is going well.

Once again, it's been a long time since my last ezine. Don't worry, I haven't stopped trading or anything. I've just been busy with the MHT chat room and the Ichimoku Swing Trading service.

But I've also been busy cooking up some new things. And I'm excited to unveil the first piece of it now.

One of the frustrating things about having a web site is the lack of two-way communication. You may come to the site, read some articles, and understand more about trading stocks. I hope so. But going beyond those initial steps requires a little more communication.

So, I've started a Facebook page called TradeTown. (If you're doing a search on Facebook, then don't put a space between the words.)

The idea is this: create a free site where traders can go and learn new things but also make comments and ask questions. Instead of being just me standing up on a stage and talking, it's more of a conversation. It allows participation.

So, here's the link:

Facebook TradeTown

I posted an article on that site this morning. So check that out. And this is how it works...

If you haven't taken the few minutes to create a Facebook page of your own, then go ahead and take a few minutes to do that now. You don't have to post a lot of private info if you don't want to. That's okay. But having your own Facebook page allows you to participate on the site.

Second, sign up to follow TradeTown. You'll be notified whenever I make a new post on the site, which should be nearly every day.

Third, if you like the page entries then "Like" it. You can also forward the post to others in your own Facebook group.

Many of you already know how to use Facebook and you didn't need those comments. But, it doesn't hurt.


I'm getting ready to roll out a private member aspect of Facebook. This should be ready in about a week. And I think you're going to like it too. No, I'm not going to spill the beans just yet. But get on Facebook TradeTown, and you'll be the first to know.

See you there.

And I hope you enjoy.

Sincerely, Bob Joiner

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