FAANG Stock Charts

In case you haven't heard of this one, FAANG is the name of a group of stocks that includes Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google.  Just a couple of small companies.

Since these companies make up such a large part of the market, then it's good to keep an eye on how they're doing, even if you don't trade them directly.

On January 1, 2019, I took the following scan of these five companies and this is what I saw:

Here's an updated scan for the FAANG stocks, after Friday's rally:

So, I did a short video, looking at each company's daily charts, and this is what I saw:

It will be interesting to come back to this page and see what happens.  Charts change.  Perhaps those areas of possible resistance will only be temporary blocks to a continued rally.  But, at this point, AMZN looks to have the best shot of a bullish break-out.

Here's an article published today on CNBC about the FAANG stock charts:

Click here to read the CNBC article about FAANG stock charts.

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