The Forex Money Manager Program

If you are interested in learning how to trade the Forex market, then you might also be interested in the following video.  In this 16-minute video, I go over my program:  The Forex Money Manager Program.  The course has been designed to help you become a profitable trader within 90 days.  Essentially, I provide you with every chart, layout, and strategy that I use to successfully trade the Forex market.

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Testimonial from a current member of the program:

"I started trading with Bob Joiner about four years ago in the MHT (morning hours trading). It was profitable but it was a hard program to fit into my schedule. I had always wondered about trading currency. Some of my biggest losses trading stocks happened when my stock would suffer a loss during off hours while I was  locked out of the market, and of course in these cases a stop does you no good. I was intrigued by the 24 hr schedule of currency trading. I looked at several programs but they all just handed out trades with only some success. I wanted to learn how to pick my own trades. Bob’s course while difficult at times, gave me the foundation to understand trading the charts. I am able to revisit the webinars or re-read the handouts which I do often. We started paper trading after a few weeks and didn’t move to real money until we felt we were ready. Those taking the course posted their trades and we all learned from them. I am a profitable trader and getting more profitable all the time. I am now enrolled in phase two of Bob’s program. I highly recommend it to those who love trading."

Bill M.

I honestly believe this program contains all of critical tools for your success as a Forex trader.  This is laying out the yellow brick road for your success.  But it will take some work on your part.  There is a lot to study and learn and practice.   At the end of 90 days, you could be a funded Forex Money Manager and trader.  You could begin a profitable business by trading your own account, an account with a private equity fund, or both.  You could even take the profits from trading the fund’s money and use that money to establish your own trading account!

Below, I answer a few questions.

Who is the right person for this program? 

Anyone who wants to earn money by learning how to trade the Forex market…and especially someone who doesn’t have the necessary capital to trade the markets.  Learning to trade, you can tap into the funds of others and profit off of their money.  If this description doesn’t fit you, then fine.  Maybe you know someone who needs to make some extra money.  Maybe you know someone who wants to work from home.  There is no experience requirement for this training!

How much can you make by trading this fund’s money?

 Basically, the fund will allow you to trade their money once you have passed their certification program and you have a proven track record of successful trading.  This program is designed to get you to that qualification point within 90 days.  And it is very doable.  Your initial account starts with a few thousand dollars and then they raise both your account level and your commission level as you continue to prove yourself as a Forex Money Manager.  You can stair step up to a very lucrative position, all while working from home and trading the system that I’ll be teaching in this program.

The sooner you get started, the quicker you can move toward becoming a profitable Forex trader.

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Bob Joiner

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