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418 pips
August 10, 2014

418 pips

Last Sunday, I sent out an email titled "Wading into the Currency Market". I hope you received that email and that it did not end up in your spam folder. In that email, I mentioned some "first steps" that traders could take to become familiar with the currency market. I also mentioned a message I posted on Twitter on Sunday, August 3rd. That Twitter post mentioned 12 currency pairs and their current trends.

Today's email is just a quick follow-up. I wanted to let you know the profit potential of those 12 picks.

In the chart below, I've posted the 12 pairs. The chart shows the directions I chose for those 12 pairs and their one week price change. Take a look at the chart and then I'll explain what it means.

The chart shows the pip change over that one week period of time. Now, if you're not accustomed to looking at FOREX values (pips), then let me translate this into dollars for you. If you used the FOREX broker I mentioned in last week's email (here's that link again...just scroll to the bottom of the page) , with the leverage they allow, and took these trades just at face value, then here's what would have happened. A $6000 investment ($500 per pair X 12 pairs) would have made a profit of $4180. That's a 69% ROI in one week.

Now for the good part. Those entries and exits were not even the good ones. A slight tweak in the exact entries and exits for those same pairs would have resulted in $9700 profit over this past week on the same $6000 investment.

Now, why am I telling you this? I just want you to see the awesome power of FOREX trading when it's done right. I posted the trades one week ago. You can sign into Twitter and see the post if you don't believe me. You can go to the charts and measure the open and closing prices for yourself to confirm that I am telling you the truth. But those are the results and I'm not going back in time and tweaking the numbers or giving you some special week out of the year. I just want you to see the power of FOREX trading.

This week on Twitter, I'll be giving a few more trade ideas with exact entries, targets, and stops. I'm not going to post every day. But if you want to follow along and paper trade with me, then here's the link one more time: Twitter Page

I wish you much success with your trading.


Bob Joiner

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