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Become a Forex Money Manager...and keep over half of the profit!
October 28, 2017

Become a Forex Money Manager...and keep over half of the profit!

This letter represents a real opportunity for some of you. The course of action that I describe in this letter is not for everyone. But, for a few individuals, it will be exactly what the doctor ordered.

A few months ago, you may remember an email I sent out. I announced that, after many requests, I was going to start doing some one-to-one coaching for individual traders, whether they traded stocks or Forex. Several of you signed up for that program and it’s been a real pleasure to see traders improve their game. Equity curves are up and average losing trades are down. Solid results from motivated people.

I know that everyone cannot afford one-to-one coaching. At $297 per month, it isn’t cheap. I also understand that there are many people who want to earn some extra income by trading the markets. But some people also lack the funds to day trade stocks. Forex trading, however, allows greater leverage and the opportunity to profit from even a small account. So, I started thinking about joining a couple of different ideas together. Specifically, it involves three key components.

The Three Components

1. Small group coaching and training for Forex traders (no experience necessary). During the first month, we meet twice per week via webinar, and I teach you the fundamentals of trading Forex. Each webinar will be up to one hour long and it will be recorded in case you cannot attend the webinar. You are expected to study and apply the material outside of the class each week, so that we can make quick progress as a group. After the first month, the coaching sessions are once per week.

2. Private equity fund sign up. The first 30 days are free. After that period, there is a $97 per month fee for taking their online classes and to use their simulated trader platform. A variety of private equity funds are available, but our focus is on one particular fund and getting you through the certification process for becoming a funded trader. Their payout can be as high as 85% of your generated monthly profits.

3. Charts with alerts. I will train you on how to set up your chart platform so they look just like mine. These are not the same charts I use for posting trades in the separate chat room that I lead. These charts will also provide automatic alerts so that you can see the same trade set ups that I see every day in the market. Here’s an example:

This chart may appear complicated at first. But all of this is explained in the training. What I want you to see are the two columns of check marks. These check marks are system generated and give alerts, multiple times each day, to potential trade set ups. Once you learn my system, you'll never lack for a good trade set up. For example, I averaged over six trades per day during the past week, with an average gain of 4.9% per trade.

Here’s our 90-day goal: become a fully funded, Forex Money Manager within 90 days and start trading other people’s money for a portion of the profit. After 90 days, you can continue with the small group coaching to help you get even better…or not. You may decide to just trade your own money. Or you may decide to trade your money and their money at the same time. After all, if you’re placing a trade in one account, it’s just as easy to do it in two accounts at the same time. Keep 100% of the profits from your own money and keep up to 85% of the profits from the funded account. How sweet is that!

So how much is all of this going to cost?

1. Month one: you pay $197. There is a monthly fee of $97 for this small group coaching and training program and there is an initial one-time fee of $100. We do 2 hours of webinar training each week during the first month, instead of just one per week. This is the reason for the higher fee during the first month. You get your first 30-days free in the fund training program. The software is also free the first month. Total investment for the first month: $197.

2. Months two and three: you pay $97 per month for one 1-hour webinar per week. You will also receive access to a private Facebook group in which I’ll be posting trade set ups. You pay $97 per month for the fund training and begin the certification process for trading the fund’s money. You pay $19 per month for the software. Total investment for each month for all three components: $213.

I honestly believe this combines three critical tools for your success as a funded trader. This is laying out the yellow brick road for your success. But it will take some work on your part. There is a lot to study and learn and practice. At the end of 90 days, you could be a funded Forex Money Manager and trader. You could begin a profitable business by trading your own account, an account with a private equity fund, or both. You could even take the profits from trading the fund’s money and use that money to establish your own trading account.

Who is the right person for this program? Anyone who wants to earn money by learning how to trade the Forex market…and especially someone who doesn’t have the necessary capital to trade the markets. Learning to trade, you can tap into the funds of others and profit off of their money. If this description doesn’t fit you, then fine. Maybe you know someone who needs to make some extra money. Maybe you know someone who wants to work from home. Forward this email to them! There is no experience requirement for this training!

You might be wondering, “How much can you make by trading this fund’s money?” Basically, the fund will allow you to trade their money once you have passed their certification program and you have a proven track record of successful trading. This program is designed to get you to that qualification point within 90 days. And it is very doable. Your initial account starts with a few thousand dollars and then they raise both your account level and your commission level as you continue to prove yourself as a Forex Money Manager. You can stair step up to a very lucrative position, all while working from home and trading the system that I’ll be teaching in this program.

The deadline for this program is November 1st. Our first training will be on Thursday night, November 2nd. I encourage you to go ahead and sign up now. This program, with its three elements, is the clearest path to profit that I can imagine. I look forward to working with you.

Here’s the link for signing up: Click Here. I look forward to working with you.

Sincerely, Bob Joiner

P.S. If you sign up for this program, then you will have access to the exact same method I used for growing my personal account by over 20% this past week.

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