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What was your ROI for this past week?
August 05, 2017

What was your ROI for this past week?


I hope you had a good week of trading.

Earlier this week, I sent you a video about a new coaching program I've created.

Members of the coaching program can choose one of two tracks: stocks or Forex. In this email, I want to lay out the financial benefits of the Forex coaching program. Here's an illustrative graph of my Forex account for the past week:

As shown, my Forex account grew by 13% ROI this past week. This growth rate may not appear to be huge. But I want you to get out your calculator and consider the financial implications of that type of growth: 13% growth rate per week.

That growth came from day trading the currency market. It's a market that many investors don't consider because they are accustomed to trading stocks. But how does this one-week Return-on-Investment compare with your account from the past week? And what are the implications over time?

Many traders never take the time to consider their trading results. They like to trade and they do the best they can. But those results are often lackluster.

Do this. Take out your calculator and type in $1000. Let's say you just started with $1000 in your Forex account. Now, add 13% to that number. You get $1130. Keep adding 13% to each total and see how long it takes to show some substantial gains in your Forex account. Eventually, the account gets too large to be able to continue at that rate of return. But that's a long ways off. The Forex market is huge. When you consider the size of some bank currency transactions, I don't think you have to worry about limitations at this point! You have the potential to book thousands of dollars in weekly profits after just a few months of trading.

I say "potential" because the brutal truth is that most Forex traders fail. I cover some of those reasons in the video I sent earlier. And, obviously, I cannot guarantee these results. So much depends upon the system you're using, the reliability of the alerts, the probability for success, and your own trade discipline. But that's what this coaching program is all's about teaching you the same system I used this past week to get a 13% ROI in my account. This is not a course on teaching you the basics of trading Forex. This is master level, extremely high probability trading. And, no, I didn't place a zillion trades last week. I average 4 or 5 trades per day. That's it.

The monthly cost is $297 for the complete program. And I suggest making a 4-month commitment so that you can really master the whole system. The four-month price investment is $988. But after four months, do you think you could more than recoup that initial investment? I help you master the techniques and the chart set ups. I send you multiple alerts, several times a day. We spend 30-minutes each week sharing our screens and charts. I answer all of your questions about the system and we remove your bottlenecks. Do you think you could recoup your investment and then be qualified to trade Forex on your own?

I think so.

What I'm actually handing you is a means of generating cash on demand by learning the skill of day trading the Forex market. Once you learn it, it's a skill that no one can take away from you. You trade when you want to trade in this 24-hour market. Complete job security and freedom to work when you want to work.

Here's another fun fact: there are private equity companies that will gladly let you trade their money and let you keep over 50% of the profit! That's right. You can learn to trade Forex. Trade and build your own account. And, on another computer, you can trade with a private equity firm and keep over half of the profits you generate for them. There are no rules against doing this. You take this skill set and you multiply it by trading two accounts at the same time. Compared to that $988 investment, this is a huge opportunity for the serious trader.

You see, this really is a skill set. It's a skill that you can learn, develop, and then deploy for creating a great deal of personal income over time.

As I mentioned in this past week's video, I only have a total of 10 slots available for this personal coaching program. Personal coaching takes a lot of time. When those 10 spots are taken, then they're gone.

Another way of framing this is to ask this question: what is the financial consequence of NOT doing this coaching program? If you did the simple math on the calculator that I mentioned, then you saw some staggering profits over time. Compare those possibilities with the reality of your own trading results from this past week and ask "What if I can learn this new skill? What would it mean for me financially?"

Here's the link to the video and the program details one more time:

Click Here.

If you are the right candidate for this program, then I look forward to working with you.


Bob Joiner

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