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How's the stock market for today? Friday
February 17, 2017

How's the stock market for today?


I hope you've enjoyed the video series this week. We've looked at market context, trending bulls and bears, and some oversold entry opportunities.

Information that lacks understanding and action is pretty useless however. So, while you have found these videos interesting, you may not have felt comfortable in taking action on any of the stocks covered. That's understandable. I've thrown a lot of new information your way this week.

There are 2 links to today's video. One will take you to today's video recap. The second one will take you to a short video in which I recap what I've been doing this week and then tell you the price for continuing with this daily video service. I think you'll be very surprised at the offer. So, if you have found this information interesting this week, take a few minutes to also watch the second video. Thanks.

Click here to watch the first video.

Click here to watch the second video.

Hope you have a great weekend.


Bob Joiner

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