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Chat room update
May 19, 2016

Chat room update

I sent an email last week and mentioned that I was starting my own chat room. Members of the MHT chat room asked me to do this after that former chat room was closing.

We opened the room up this past Monday, but I wanted to make sure everything was running smoothly before I opened it up to new members.

If you've never traded with other traders in a chat room environment, then you may not realize the value of it. Trading is tough enough without trying to make it a solo experience. So if you're used to sitting at home, on your own, trying to find good stocks for trading and (at times) just trying to stay awake, then you might find that a chat room can increase your profits in the market.

In this chat room, we look at day trades in the morning session, ETF trends at noon, and short term swing trading ideas at 3 PM. This happens Monday through Friday, with many experienced traders posting their trade entries. You have the opportunity to look over my shoulder at live charts and see my analysis on both day trade set ups and swing trade set ups. I am also building a library of video trainings for my members.

If that sounds interesting to you, then I've posted a short video. The video shows some of the trade analysis that is incorporated into each day's chat room.

You can check out the video here: Click here.

One quick note: a special launch price for the monthly membership is now being offered. But that offer ends soon. So, if you want more information, then check out the short video by clicking here.

Bob Joiner

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