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My Trade Alerts + Their Money!
August 28, 2014

My Trade Alerts + Their Money

I've been answering lots of questions about the Forex Pip Starter Pro program, so I figured a general Q&A email was in order. I hope this page helps clear up some confusion about a few things.

Q: "You mentioned that we could trade Forex for a fund. How does that work?"

A: Once you know how to trade Forex, there are funds that pay successful Money Managers a percentage of the profits they generate for the fund. So, for example, if you are trading a $10,000 account for them and you generate $4000 in profit in one month, then you would keep $2400 of that profit and they keep the rest. This is a win:win situation for both the fund and the trader. You are working from home on your computer and getting paid to trade other people's money. You can use my trade alerts to help you with this.

Q: "My stock broker doesn't do Forex, so I guess I can't join the program."

A: At the start of my online course, I give you my recommended broker. Many stock brokers don't do Forex. For myself, I have a separate Forex broker for just trading Forex and futures.

Q: "How much money do I need to start?"

A: You can get started for as little as $100. There are no day trading or minimum deposit requirements for trading Forex. My recommendation is that you stick with a paper account until you have proven success with Forex, and then $500 to $1000 is plenty to get your started. As you make profit, simply let that account grow as you also increase your position size.

Q: "Do you have a free 30-day trial offer?"

A: "No. But I do offer a 30-day 100% refund if you are not happy with the program. The reason I structure it this way is because I don't want people having access to the 8 hours of online content unless they are serious about learning how to trade the currency market.

Q: "I like day trading stocks. I've heard that Forex is risky. Is this true?"

A: In the course, I teach proper risk management techniques so your risk is minimized. Plus, you have access to me via email to help you as you learn. I like trading stocks too and it's not an either/or situation. For example, you can very easily day trade the stock market and swing trade the Forex market. This gives you multiple streams of income as a trader/investor.

I hope this Q&A section helps as you make your decision about joining the Forex program. It has been over a year since I last opened up this class to new students and this enrollment opportunity ends on Friday at 5 PM Eastern. You'll find the enrollment button here:

Click this link.

I look forward to working with you.


Bob Joiner

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