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Ichimoku Swing Trading Update and Recap
May 28, 2014

Ichimoku Swing Trading

As you may know by now, Ichimoku Swing Trading was closed down this past weekend. I have had numerous emails and requests for more information about this service. So, I decided to send out this email and provide some free training on Ichomoku at the same time.

Wealthpire made some changes and they are consolidating some of their services that overlap. This is understandable, so no hard feelings there. But I have been asked by several people if I am involved in the newer service and the answer is no. I am not involved with the newer service and I wish members much success.

I recorded a video today that gives a recap of 12 of the recent Ichimoku picks that were still in the portfolio at the time the service ended. Previous members can watch the video and see my analysis of those trades that might be in their portfolios. Those of you who were not members can see some free training and stock picks surrounding the Ichimoku charting system.

To answer a question I have been receiving...I have not yet decided whether I will continue the Ichimoku Swing Trading service under a different name and format. If you are interested in receiving information about that, then you can respond to this email or you can see the "Ichimoku" tab on the web site and fill out a "Contact Me" form on that page.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Here's the link:

Ichimoku Swing Trading Recap

As always, I hope your trading is going well.


Bob Joiner

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