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Are you interested?
October 12, 2014

Are you interested?

I'll keep this email short and to the point.

I have had some people express an interest in me bringing back the Ichimoku Swing Trading Service. But I'm trying to determine if there's enough interest to make it worth my time.

The Ichimoku Swing Trading service ran for 4 years and produced great results for its members. But the program was shut down about 6 months ago as Wealthpire consolidated some of their services. Now, I have some people who want me to bring it back under my own umbrella. But I need to know if there's enough interest.

So I need your help. I've posted a web page with some information about the program at this link: Ichimoku info page. There's a separate link on that page where you can request to receive 3 free videos telling you about Ichimoku as an indicator for creating trades. These are 3 videos of pure content with no sales hype.

So, I will re-launch my version of this swing trading service if enough people sign up for these free videos. While signing up for the videos doesn't commit you to anything, it is one way I can measure the interest in this service.

So, the question is "Are you interested?" If you prefer, you can go directly to the sign up page to receive the 3 free videos by clicking this link.

Thanks for helping out.


Bob Joiner

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