Blog Day Trading

If you google "blog day trading" or "day trading blog", then you'll find references to other day trading bloggers. A day trading blog is one way to learn from others. Several of us write blogs on day trading for the investment community. In fact, it's more a question of finding the ones that are helpful to you. Some day trading blogs will talk about market direction and market sentiment. Others will mention specific trades that others can study in order to learn more about day trading.

On this page, I will gradually introduce the day trading blogs of other authors so you can check them out for yourself. Find some authors you enjoy and learn from other day traders.

For my blog (listed on the home page), I am posting important updates to this site and upcoming new releases of products.

I am developing two other day trading blogs. One is found on the new Facebook page. You may not think of Facebook as a blog, but I am using it in that way to talk about different issues facing traders, whether they are day traders or swing traders. Here's the link for that blog:

Facebook TradeTown

Another blog that I have just started is 12 Top Stocks. The purpose of this blog is to pick stocks that have a high probability of movement in the posted direction and then comment on the stock as it creates profit. I will doing this "live" (so to speak) on this site. Should be interesting. Here's the link for that site:

12 Top Stocks - Blog Day Trading

Both of these last two blogs are only a few days old as I add this content to this page (8-25-12). So, unless you found this page close to that date, then you should see some content on both of those blogs.

You'll also see this site's blog listed on the tabs at the left.