Bob Joiner's Services for Traders

Stock Talk Focus:  Day trading the gaps in the U.S. stock market during the first two hours of the market open.  This includes live, over-the-shoulder trade analysis and high-probability alerts. Click here to watch a 12-minute video that describes this chat room.

Bears & Bulls Focus:   Short term swing trading of U.S. stocks and options.  One swing trade pick is offered each day before Noon.  These are high probability swing trades and members can choose their own targets based on their own risk-assessment.  This service includes trade analysis and alerts.  Click here to watch a 12-minute video sneak-peek inside the Bears & Bulls swing trading system.

The Forex Money Manager Program Focus:  Education in technical analysis for trading the currency market.  This program includes over 25 hours of webinars, videos, and PDFs related to understanding the currency market.  It also includes trade analysis and alerts.  Click here to watch an 11-minute video that shows how I train currency traders.

The Robotic Trading Group Focus:  Developing automated trading strategies for currencies and market indices. This program is currently closed to new members at this time.  Click here for more information.

Bob Joiner's Free Video Series: 
Understanding Support & Resistance

The following video series was created to help new traders understand the importance of chart analysis.  Price moves in very predictive ways, as long as you understand the possible areas of support and resistance.  Multiple methods for analyzing price action are covered in this series.  To subscribe to this video series, just click on the link below this text.  You will be required to enter your email address.  But we do not abuse your email address by sending you poor content.

Click here to check out this free 7-day mini-course on Support & Resistance.

If you are interested in one of the above programs, then use the following form to contact me.  If you want a discounted price for your first month as a trial, then state your reason for asking for a discount and name your offer.  I will read your email and get back to you.

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