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Jun 29, 2015

Market Direction

Market direction is looked at from Ichimoku perspective after a big down day in the market.

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Jun 28, 2015

EUR levels to watch

Here's another good article from Forex Crunch on key levels to watch for the EUR/USD. The Greece situation is deteriorating rapidly and all markets will likely see huge volatility beginning with today's currency market open. Today's link takes you to the article from Forex Crunch.

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Mar 21, 2015

The "good trade"

If only our losing trades would hold up a sign that read "This trade is not going to work out". Things would be much easier. But that's not how it happens, of course. We do not enter a losing trade on purpose. In the beginning, we think the trade is going to work out. We firmly believe that this trade is going to be profitable for us. So, when it turns into a losing trade, then we have a problem. We are slow to respond to the change in character because it means losing money and it means we were wrong about something. Our denial of the facts leads to hesitation and sometimes even denial. We begin to hope that luck will shine our way and rescue us from the situation. Meanwhile, the losing trade continues to sit there and rob us of our money.

Perhaps you will find it helpful to think of each trade as a guest in your house. You are throwing a party and you've invited several people over to your house. These are not close friends, but you deem them to be people of good character. But during the party you notice suspicious behavior from one of your guests. They are avoiding eye contact with you and they seem to sneak out of your sight. Then you catch them in the act of stealing something out of your house. It's a small item, but still you recognize now that this person is a thief.

What would you do? Would you calmly "let it go"? Or would you take immediate action and throw the thief out of your house?

In the same way, we need to be watchful of trades that appear to be "good trades" and then reveal themselves to be thieves in our house. Recognize their true identify quickly and get rid of them. The failure to cut losses quickly, and to ignore their impact on our bottom line, is the downfall of nearly every trader who doesn't make it.

Recognize the thieves early one. Stay in the game.

Nov 29, 2014

Ichimoku charts adjustments

Ichimoku charts are available on many platforms, but the charts will sometimes need to be adjusted.

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Nov 27, 2014


If 20% of your trades don't create a profit, then that doesn't mean your strategy has failed.

If you accept the imperfection, then you can manage the probabilities. If you expect perfection, then your disappointment will cause you to hold losing positions too long.

Nov 22, 2014

The Ichimoku chart provides a unique time perspective.

The Ichimoku chart is a cluster of indicators that provide the trader with a unique perspective.

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Nov 18, 2014

"Letting the winners run"

Have you ever been in a trade where you got out with a nice profit...and then you look back and see the stock just kept on going? While you're grateful for the profit, you also realize how much more money you could have made on the trade by being a bit more patient.

These trades have some characteristics in common. You can click on the link in this post to see a video and to hear a few of my ideas that you might find helpful.

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Nov 10, 2014

Member Story

Just wanted to publish this story. Mark is a member of the MHT chat room and also Ichimoku Trend Trader. He was kind enough to let me share his story:

"Bob, I want to thank you for the amazing service you provide with your Ichimoku Trend Trader. A bit of back story, I was laid off from my job about 3 months ago and through a very fortunate set of circumstances, was introduced to one of your other services. When you opened up your Ichimoku Trend Trader program, I knew I had to get on board immediately! Ichimoku has been the most comprehensive trading education I have received, and your trade alerts have consistently yielded double digit returns in mere days! After 3 months, I am still unemployed and loving life! I thank you Bob, and my Family thanks you – I get to watch my kids grow up!"Mark K

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Nov 05, 2014


Bollinger Bands Squeeze Play shows a technical set up for trading this consolidation pattern.

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Oct 26, 2014

What's ahead for the market?

This link takes you to the latest video post on Facebook. I'll be posting more to Facebook, so follow me.

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Oct 23, 2014

membership clubs Bob Joiner

A description of three membership sites.

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Oct 23, 2014


ichimoku swing trading service

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Aug 28, 2014

Forex Class opportunity ends tomorrow

I recently sent out a notification that my Forex program "Forex Pip Starter Pro" opened up this week for new students. But that open enrollment period ends tomorrow at 5 PM Eastern. So, check out today's link if you want more information.

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Aug 26, 2014

Forex Pip Starter Pro

Information regarding Forex subscription service

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Aug 25, 2014

CHFJPY to find support here

Looking for CHFJPY do find support here, based on the attached chart view that shows weekly Kumo support and an oversold 4-hour chart.

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Aug 24, 2014

EURUSD still short

A friend told me about the site this week. I've starting posting a few trading ideas on the site with annotated charts. You can follow the link in today's blog post to see one example. You can also follow me on that site and on the twitter links to those charts (twitter/bobjoiner).

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Jul 06, 2014

The new MHT chat room

A quick note in case you're interested in learning how to day trade. The chat room I've been leading since 2008 (yes, 6 years now) is accepting new members at this time. The open season for new members doesn't happen very often, so grab your seats now. About a month ago, we changed the format so now I'm able to share my charts and talk about the technical set ups for each morning's trades. (Wish this were available when I was learning how to day trade.) If you're interested, then look under the "Membership Club" tab on the home page of this site and scroll down for the link to Morning Hours Trading. Again, this is a limited time opportunity.

Mar 15, 2014

Happy or Thankful?

Saturday mornings are a great time for doing trade reviews. I look back at my trade journal from the previous week and I ask myself two questions. What did I do well? What could I have done better?

I've always learned more from this daily journal and weekly review that from any other book I've ever read about trading. But I wanted to share one of the thoughts I just wrote in today's review.

There are times when we have to step away from the computer. We might be in the middle of a trade and price is debating various areas of support and resistance. While we like to be right and have our targets hit, we also need to protect ourselves from ourselves and set stops.

You don't have to step away from the computer to use this idea, but you can think of your trade decision as a type of bracket order. Let's say you're long on a stock or a Forex pair. You can set a target at an area of overhead resistance so that you'll make a profit. You can set a stop at an area of support so that you'll stop out of the trade if it moves too far against you.

Either way, your emotional response is important for your trading. You can be happy if the trade moves up and hits your target. You can be thankful if the trade moves down and hits your stop. You can be thankful because you did not hold onto a losing trade and thankful that you no longer have the stress and guilt of holding onto a losing trade. You can be thankful that you did not lose more money than you did!

Either way, you can be happy or thankful on every trade. And this is a much better place from which to trade.

Feb 05, 2014

Annotated Charts

annotated charts gives examples of support and resistance for stocks and forex trading

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Feb 03, 2014

The 10 o'clock box

The link in today's blog post will take you to a YouTube video I just posted. It's an idea about day trading stocks based on support and resistance and it's a pretty simple idea. I don't remember where I first heard about it, so I can't give anyone credit for it. But it's an interesting idea and it might help you with your trading. So, click the link and give it a thumbs up if you like it. Thanks.

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Jan 25, 2014

Which way is the market going?

The link in today's blog will take you to a YouTube video I just recorded. In this video, I look at various areas of support for the S&P-500.

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Jan 21, 2014

Losing Money in the Market

I've been writing a book off and on for the past year and I'm trying to wrap it up within the next six months. Some of you have already responded to my requests for input, but I'd really like to hear from more of you. The working title for the book is "The Top 12 Ways to Lose Money in the Stock Market". The link in today's blog entry will take you to a very short survey. You might find it helpful to answer the questions and print a copy for yourself.


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Jan 18, 2014

Trading the Afternoon Market

The video course, Trading the Afternoon Market, teaches traders how to see stock charts, using technical indicators and contextual trading.

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Dec 29, 2013

Are day trading losses eating up your gains?

How to prevent day trading losses from eating up your gains.

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Dec 19, 2013

S&P-500 and Why Break Even is Okay

After yesterday's big rally in the market, I expected some chop in both the stock and the Forex markets. And we saw plenty of that. But that's what markets do. They expand and they consolidate. They wobble and they fall. But, after a day like yesterday, it's okay for the market to tread water for a day and consolidate those gains.

The problem is that some traders expect today to be like yesterday. And if that is your expectation, then you might tend to hold onto losing trades too long because you just can't believe the stock is not going up. That sort of disconnect between expectations and reality can catch you off guard. In your mind's eye, you're buying the stock long because you can see it going higher. And it when it quickly retreats, then your day trade can quickly becoming a losing trade and your mind is still trying to get a handle on what just happened.

This is why we have stops, of course. We need systems in place to protect us from ourselves and from our inability to accept reality when it doesn't match up to our expectations.

Just like it's okay to have a break even day in the market, it's okay to exit a trade at break even also. If a trade is not going in the direction you thought it would, then it's okay to get out of the trade. Some traders think "well, it hasn't hit my stop yet, so I'll just hang on a little longer". But you're not getting paid to hope. You're getting paid to make decisions, quick decisions based on what the ever-changing charts tell you about what is happening with price action in this moment. So, it's okay to recognize the change and exit the trade at break-even. Remember, you can always get back into the trade.

Dec 09, 2013

SYY and the Fade

In today's Annotated Chart, I show a chart of SYY and how price faded from the open today after the initial excitement waned over their merger with U.S. Foods.

There's an old saying that goes something like this: "buy the sizzle, not the steak". It has to do with investor emotions and it describes how investors can get so wrapped up in a news event that price charges higher. But as the steak is delivered (today's open on SYY), the sizzle of the big news event fades away and so does price.

While you cannot assume this will happen after every bit of positive news, you can use the Fibonacci lines mentioned in today's chart analysis to see which way things are headed.

Nov 21, 2013

Day Trading - Every day is different

Markets gapped up this morning after fewer jobless claims were posted. But then it was flat after that. I call this "no wind on the lake", meaning that it's more difficult to trade (or sail) when there's no volatility (or wind). Today was one of those days, and it can mess up an inexperienced trader because they have to adapt their trading style to the day's volatility. Traders with less experience want every day to be the same and they can sometimes overtrade the market when the trade set-ups just aren't there.

Using indicators and crossover patterns in still needed on a day like today. But, when the market is flat then a trader can easily lose patience with the trade and fail to capture the slow flow of the market.

It's also a good idea to have an alternative to trading stocks. In today's Annotated Chart section, I review a Forex trade set-up using Fibonacci Retracements.

Nov 20, 2013


We traded VJET in the chat room this morning. If members stayed in the trade from my entry point, then they would have made 20% profit on this one day trade. That's unusual of course, so I show some of the indicators I used to make the trade in today's Annotated Chart.

VAP = Volume at Price. It is represented in various ways depending on the chart package you are using. Basically, it's an overall sentiment indicator for various price brackets on the chart.

Nov 18, 2013

ARUN and "the basis for the trade"

In today's Annotated Chart, I give another example of using VWAP as a technical indicator. Shorting the stock when VWAP becomes an obvious line of resistance became a great short entry today.

One of the reasons for using technical analysis for trading stocks (and Forex) is often overlooked. I talk about it in terms of "the basis for the trade", so let me explain what I mean by that.

I use technical analysis to help me spot high probability trade set ups in both the stock and Forex markets. For example, using the ARUN chart, the basis for the trade was price resistance at the VWAP line. Price was down for the day and had already shown resistance to this line. So it's not rocket science to say that this was a high probability trade. But that line became "the basis for the trade". It acts as a kind of line in the sand. So, if price violates that line by very much and other indicators begin to show strength, then the basis for the trade becomes violated. That means you exit the trade with a small loss if that happens rather than wishing and hoping the situation improves. The basis for the trade gives you the reason to take a tight loss in case you're wrong.

In this case, ARUN stayed true and continued fall after testing the VWAP line one more time. You can see the chart in the Annotated Charts section.

Having a "basis for the trade" (based on whatever set of indicators you find reliable) will help you make better trades and enable you to take smaller losses on the trades that don't work out.

Nov 15, 2013

CADX and the charts I use

CADX provided a great opportunity as a day trade today. We traded it in the Morning Hours Trading chat room with an entry at $7.73. You can look at today's Annotated Chart to see some of the indicators for staying in that trade.

I'm often asked which chart service I use. If you'd like more information about that, then you can click the link in today's blog to see my discussion about chart services.

(Hint: the TC2000 button on that page will take you to a 2-week free trial.)

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Nov 14, 2013


ONVO issued its Q report two days ago and price continues to move higher. Here's a company that wasn't around until 2007 and it is based on 3D printing. It's focus is on bioprinting and specifically the creation of liver tissue. Amazing stuff.

In today's Annotated Chart tab, I show how I used VWAP as a basis for taking the trade long in the MHT chat room.

Nov 13, 2013

GOGO Gone!

GOGO reported earnings today and made a nice move higher. This company is set to enjoy the open skies even more (as an in-flight internet provider) as restrictions for such use are beginning to lighten up.

We traded GOGO in the MorningHoursTrading chat room this morning and did well with it. But the context for the trade is also important. In today's Annotated Chart section, I analyze GOGO using Chiku Span.

Nov 12, 2013

Chiku Span and Ichimoku

Chiku (or Chikou)is part of the Ichimoku system. I've read that it is one of the most widely used indicators in Japanese trading rooms because it is so predictive and reliable.

Today's annotated chart shows two examples of the Chiku crossing through the historical price curve on the Forex pair USD/CHF.

Nov 07, 2013

Trend Lines and Fibonacci

In today's Annotated Chart, I show a daily chart of the S&P-500. You can see my notes there about that chart.

Markets saw a good bit of profit taking today and that's my main answer to "why did the chicken cross the road?" A lot of investors have had itchy trigger fingers as the market has made a series of successive new highs. Everyone knows that things don't go up forever. So you don't want to be the last one to take profits. The problem is that this creates a sort of snowball effect (yes, I'm mixing my metaphors) as selling begets more selling. My best description is the old cartoon where the character falls through the top floor of the building and then the force of the drop causes him to fall through the next floor in the building, etc.

In today's chart, the 23.6% Fib line is a sort of first floor area of support. We went to that line and stopped today. We'll see what happens next.

Nov 06, 2013

Using CCI for over sold buy points

In today's Annotated Chart, I show how you can use CCI on a 4-hour chart to find over sold buy points. While the 4-hour chart is most often associated with Forex trading, it can be useful for stocks as well.

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Nov 05, 2013

And then they run...OXBT

OXBT was one of the stocks we traded in this morning's chat room. I drew two Fibonacci Retracements on today's chart example (see the tab "Annotated Charts"). The 23% Fib provided support after the initial morning pop higher. Drawing a new line (in blue) to the later high showed support at the critical 38% Fib line. You can also draw Fib extensions after the first Fib series to find possible targets (not shown).

Nov 04, 2013

Charts and Data Feed

It doesn't happen very often...thankfully. But stuff happens. Today, the primary charting package for thousands of traders ( went down at 9:41 due to a technical problem with their data source. The data didn't get updated until around 11:45. Of course the loss of charts for two hours also throws off the technical stuff that day traders use for making their trade decisions. Moving averages, crossover patterns, volume, etc. It all gets messed up until the charts have time to catch up.

It's a good reminder of the reason for having back up plans in place. For example, I have two internet providers, four computers, three data feeds, etc. But, even so, my primary charting package was down for most of the morning so this limited my ability to trade.

But it's also a good reminder about the limits of technology and power as we head into the winter season. Power lines can go down. Internet connections can be lost. So, as a general rule, it is always best to place some sort of physical stop on every single trade you enter as soon as you enter your trade order. That stop can always be adjusted. But, if you ever lose your charts, power, or internet, then you'll be very glad that stop was placed.

Nov 01, 2013

Muddy Waters NQ Smack Down

As Muddy Waters Research and the C-Suite at NQ continue their public smack down, the rest of us get to enjoy the volatility. In today's Annotated Chart, I show the Pivot Points and the Fiboancci Retracements that I drew for this stock. We shorted it at the Pivot Line for a nice short gain.

When a stock violates it's previous day's closing price in both directions (as NQ did today), then I draw Fibonacci Retracements on the high/low of the day. On the chart, you can see how these lines also defined today's price movements.

The link in today's blog will take you to an article about the "smack down" if you want to read more about it.

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Oct 31, 2013

EUR.USD fell sharply

The EUR/USD ended a long run higher as price fell below the 4-hour 38.2% Fibonacci Retracement. Earlier in the day, price found slight support at the S3 line. But after 3:00 PM, ET, that support gave way as well.

You can see one view of this chart at the link posted here.

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Oct 30, 2013

Day Trading QCOR

Even though QCOR reported an increase in net sales in 3rd quarter this year over last year, other items and analyst downgrades sent the price lower this morning. For day trading, the VWAP provides a useful indicator of possible support or resistance.

In the chart shown at the link, VWAP acted as resistance.

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Oct 28, 2013

Solar Stocks Take a Beating - JKS support?

Solar stocks really took a beating this morning with a big sell off in CSIQ, SCTY, and JKS. Today's annotated chart takes a look at possible levels of support for JKS. Click the link.

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Oct 27, 2013

Robert Joiner

Who is Robert Joiner?

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Oct 26, 2013

AFOP - Pivot Lines

We traded AFOP twice on Friday...once as a long and once as a short. Seeing the Pivot Lines on this chart helped us with the trades. You can see the chart by clicking on the link shown here.

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Oct 25, 2013

Free six-part course

Sign up page for free course.

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Jul 19, 2013

New Product Announcement!

Launched a new service for traders today. I've posted two videos to explain everything. Just click on the link in today's blog.

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Jul 19, 2013


ForexPlusOptions is the name of a private membership group

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Jul 17, 2013

New Product Release this Friday

If you're signed up for my e-zine, then you already know this. But, I'll be releasing a new product this Friday afternoon. This is my first new product in several years and I'm very exciting about it.

Stay tuned.

Apr 10, 2013

The Trade Left Behind

Sometimes, the trades we don't take can be just as important (or more so) than the trades we take.

We know that all of our trades are not going to end successfully. We are going to have some losing trades. But recognizing the losing trades before we take them can be just as important as taking the high probability winners.

Those "trades left behind" might have certain common characteristics. Perhaps they are stocks that are under $10 per share. Perhaps they involve stocks with large spreads. Or maybe it's your tendency to jump ahead of the technical indicators, seeing something before the trade is truly qualified.

Whatever the reason, our trading can often be improved by learning to leave certain trades alone. We can be more selective in the trades we take. And, by trading less, we might just improve our bottom line.

Mar 10, 2013

Pattern Recognition and High Probability Trading

When you are getting started with trading and with the use of technical analysis, you will begin to see chart patterns that seem to be the "holy grail" of indicator, one time frame, one little loop of this or that will make you tons of money.

The hard reality, however, is that it isn't that easy. Take it from someone who has back-tested many ideas, systems, and indicators...what works one day may not work the next.

The little patterns get us all excitied. We think we've found it. And we review historical charts and see how the pattern was true here, there, everywhere! But part of what happens here is something called "confirmation bias". We see the things that hold true to our point of prejudice and we ignore the things that do not.

Here's the moral of the story. Be aware of your bias and in your back testing and review of historical chart patterns ask this question instead: "When was the pattern not true?"

It may be that you've discovered a great pattern that can be repeated in "live" trading. And the fact that it has some failures and drawbacks may not be the reason to throw it out the window. Perhaps it needs a small adjustment. Perhaps another indicator would help confirm the good trades and help eliminate the poor ones.

In the end, there isn't one thing that will work all the time and never result in a losing trade. The losing trades will occur. The question is "Is this a high probability set-up which, when traded in real time by me, will produce profits over time?" Many variables are stated in that question, and each part is important.

Oct 15, 2012

Technical analysis

I have tried futures trading, stock strading and the principles learned on this site work. I have lost a lot of money through trial and error. You must

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