Day Trading Academy

This day trading academy page is a collection of articles related to day trading.  But I also cover ideas related to trading in general such as technical analysis, the psychology of trading, etc.  Since I cover a whole range of topics in these articles, I've grouped them under various categories.  You'll see those categories listed below and it will make it easier for you to go to the area within the day trading academy that best fits your needs at this time.

Day Trading Basics

The articles posted in this section will cover some of the basics of day trading, such as brokers, charts, and other services.  Simply click on the blue link and you'll be taken to that article.

1.  Day trading basics.

2.  Day trading rules.

3.  Day trading regulations.

4.  Day trading classes.

5.  Day trading game.

6.  Day trading services.

7.  Day trading stock brokers.

8.  Day trading books.

9.  Day trading chat room.

10.  Trader training.

11.  Day trading instruction.

12.  Day trading platform.

Day Trading Setups

In this section of Day Trading Academy, we dig a little deeper.  We'll look at strategies, statistics, best stocks for day trading, and those types of topics.

13.  Annotated charts.  These are the charts that form the basis for my day trading blog.

The Mind of the Trader

The articles posted in this section will cover the psychology of trading.  Trading is very much a mind game, especially for new traders.  So we'll cover some of those topics here.

14.  Day Trading Mind.  This article reviews one of the best books I've read about the psychology of trading.

Other articles for day trading academy

I encourage traders to study as much as possible.  In fact, I often suggest that traders spend more time studying and reviewing their trades than they do actually trading.  The review part is especially important for beginners.  But I never stop.  I have thousands of pages of journal entries related to my trading.  The act of capturing the chart details at the time that the trade decision is made is especially important.  The charts just don't look the same when you go back later for review.  So, use some sort of screen capture tool, take a snapshot of the chart and briefly record what you saw when you made the decision to enter or exit a trade.  Then go back and review the charts and those earlier decisions.  In this way, you are teaching yourself how to trade by trial and error.  Yes, it's a slow process...but, you'll remember this stuff far more than anything you read in a book or watch in a video.

While this page is not complete, here's a link to some of our other articles:  day trading academy articles.

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