Are You Using the Best Day Trading Charts?

Good, clear day trading charts are essential to your trading. I don't care if you are trading short term or long term, whether you are a fundamentals sort of investor or a technical day trader.

Charts are what you look at when you decide to enter and exit the trade. So, having access to a good chart is one of the most important day trading services you'll need. My advice is to get the best charting service you can afford. And this will seldom be the charts provided by your broker.

Many charting services will allow you to sign up for a 30-day trial to test their charts. After all, you won't know if you're comfortable with them until you try them out for a while. Some day trading charts are easier to navigate than others. Some are more intuitive. Some will simply seem like a better fit for you.

I have used various charts over the past eight years.  I've listed some of those alternative in the section at the bottom of this page.  But my "bread-and-butter" go to chart is TC2000 from Worden.  I have been using these charts for years.

With TC2000, I can use their proprietary indicators, share real-time charts with students, chart the major indices, develop personal formulas for trading, etc. There's much more to this service than I'll probably ever utilize. But that's how I want my charts. I want my charting service to be bigger than me. And Worden's charts definitely qualify. Click this link to view Worden's chart service.

I also like the fact that I can create multiple scans and trade alerts.  While many other chart providers are also providing this service now, I guess part of the personal preference has to do with what you become comfortable with over time.  It takes time to learn any new chart platform.  But it gets easier with use.

If you'd like to go ahead and visit Worden's latest promotion, then click the image below.

Here's an example of the chart layout from Worden that I use for my day trading chat room:

As you can see, the layout can be configured in many ways.  And, yes, there's a lot of information on the above example.  There are check marks that tell me if certain real-time criteria are being met.  There are three different time frames showing, with different indicators on each time frame.  And while this may be too much information for a newbie to day trading, it adds multiple layers of confirmation for me as I lead the chat room and share my charts.

Day Trading Charts - Resources

Another resource for day trading charts is Trading View.  I have used them at times and I like their charts.  One of the nice things is that they also provide a community of traders so you can gain trade ideas, etc.  Click here to see that service.  (They also provide a 30-day trial to their Pro version.)

A third resource is Stock Charts.  Click here to see their home page.  Once again, you have to pay extra for their premium charts.  But this resource carries with it a lot of trader education in their "Chart School" resource.