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You can begin your day trading instruction, free of charge, right from this site. I've assembled the articles around the theme of a game. If you're a newbie day trader, wanting to know how to get started, then this site will walk you through some of the essentials. Bringing a game mentality to your day trading instruction will help you focus on strategy, knowledge, and execution - instead of making a quick dollar. In the long run, this will be much better for you.

Trading stocks or Forex is now a possibility for many individual traders.  The only requirement is enough equity for opening an account.  This fact is a two-edged sword.   Anyone with an account and a computer can trade online, whether they've had any day trading instruction or not. It's amazing when you think about it. You are managing thousands of dollars of your hard earned money.  Many new traders start out full of hope only to realize that it's not as easy as they hyped up ads they've been viewing.   Often, they lose a lot of their equity before they've learned enough about how to succeed in this new endeavor.  So, much of this site is designed to help traders start on the right path, a profit making path, with their trading.

Since every newbie trader comes to this site with a mixed bag of knowledge and experience, I can't really say where you need to begin. You can click on the tabs to the left of this text in descending order.  There are links to other pages and resources within those topic pages.

Day Trading Instruction - Resources

Other resources include books, videos, articles online, etc.   I update my blog several times per week and you can view actual trades for your study and review. After you've gotten some of the day trading basics under your belt, you can dig a little deeper. I'd suggest starting with a book I wrote called "The Basic Principle for Trading Stocks". The download is pretty cheap and it will give you a visual tool for trading, plus plenty of color charts to explain the ideas. From there you can start looking at various day trading strategies.

There is plenty of information on this site to help you get started trading stocks. But, my personal bias is that a day trading chat room is the best resource for learning how to day trade.  You can find more information about my chat room by clicking here.

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The danger is that the newbie day trader can become overwhelmed. While you may be eager to learn all you can about trading stocks, options, Futures and Forex, you need to become focused.  Master the basics, start with paper trading, get comfortable with your trading platform, keep a trading journal, stick with a few basic strategies, and keep your focus on being a disciplined trader. 

One last thing...beware of the hype. Some teachers show your their great winning plays and don't tell you about their failures. Every trader screws up. Even with a great trading strategy, every play is not going to be a winner. So, be patient with yourself. Follow the instruction of someone you trust. And then practice your trading until you're ready to use real money.

Getting good day trading instruction will pay off for you down the road. So, let your first investment be in your own knowledge of how to trade. You can look at it as in investment in your trading business. You wouldn't open a new business without finding out everything you could about how to run that business. So, do the same with the business of trading.

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