Day Trading Platform Requirements

A day trading platform is simply your trading desktop. It is what you see on your computer screen as you trade stocks. While this may not seem like an important consideration, it is part of your office environment and therefore deserves some attention.

Organization is important when you are starting a day trading business. As a day trader, you will be filtering through a lot of information very quickly. You will be watching news, charts, stock lists, scans, and technical indicators - all geared toward making you a more profitable trader.

But, if your day trading platform is cumbersome to navigate, then this will create confusion and frustration for you. At the very least, it could slow you down a bit. And, for the day trader, seconds matter.

If you've already opened an account with a broker, or purchased some charting software, then your trading platform will come with a default setting. This is seldom appropriate for the day trader. So, the first thing is to make sure you know that you can change this platform. You can resize charts, add or delete various indicators, etc. This is your platform and you can create the perfect set-up for yourself, based on your trading strategy.

Many brokers will provide free training on navigating through their trading platform. So, whichever broker you choose, take the time to view the available webinars and attend the online classes. Your goal is to be very comfortable with the day trading platform you create.

Whenever you reset your platform, be sure to give the platform a name and save it. You can create multiple platforms or chart settings, all based on the strategies you're using.

One of your options in starting a day trading business is your computer hardware. Investing in a second computer and a second internet connection might be good investments for you. If you've ever had the unpleasant experience of a power failure or a neighborhood network failure, while you're day trading, then you know what I mean.

In deciding upon the perfect day trading platform, you may want to read this page on choosing a day trading stock broker.