Day Trading Services

When you are starting a day trading business, choosing the right day trading services is a key decision. Think of it this way. You are building your team. The players who are part of your team are completely your choice. You choose the players based on your needs for balancing out the team.

Some day traders, in their hurry to start trading, move hastily through the process of building their team. They see a few ads listed and quickly determine that all services are created equal. But they are not. There is a lot of variety. And, when you are starting a day trading business, these team players make a difference.

Since these services are so important to building a day trading business, I've broken them down into various components or team players. They are:

- Stock broker To learn more about stock brokers, then follow this link.

- Charts To learn more about chart services, then follow this link.

- Books To learn more about day trading books, then follow this link.

- Chat Room To learn more about day trading chat rooms, then follow this link As I've mentioned on other pages, I'm still building this web site. But, as I enter new pages for each of these topics, you can click on the links to read more information about those day trading services. Eventually, this site will also allow other day traders to post their comments and recommendations on these services, and that should help new day traders make important team decisions.

If you are new to day trading and you are just starting a day trading business, I encourage you to take the time to review these services. And remember this...if you feel that you've made a bad decision with any of your choices, then know that you can change vendors. This is your business. So, as you learn what it is you want from these services, keep searching until you find the ones that create your perfect team.

If you're new to day trading and you've never subscribed to Investor's Business Daily, then you can get a free trial by clicking on the following link. They offer the IBD 100, which is their proprietary method of ranking stocks according to their stringent criteria.