Day Trading Tools

Certain day trading tools are critical for your success as a day trader. And the general wisdom "you get what you pay for" works here as with any other business. Skimp on a good chart service and it could cost you dearly. Fail to keep up with market news and in-depth market reporting and you could get blindsided with an anouncement you hadn't anticipated.

So, on this page, I've placed links to some of the day trading tools that I think are critical to your success. I'm not just pushing product here. I'm telling you about the day trading tools that I use myself.

At the very least, do your due diligence and check out these products, especially if you are new to trading and you have not settled on your service providers.


Here are links to the two standard bearers for in-depth market news. These links will often offer special deals. And sometimes they will offer a money-back guarantee or trial period. So, you could subscribe to both and see which one fits you the best.

Click Here For The Wall Street Journal


A good charting service is extremely important. Yes, your broker may provide some simple charting screens for you. And those free day trading tools may work for a while. But, if you want robust charts that can be clearly viewed (as well as too many benefits to mention here), then I recommend Worden Charts.

You can click on the graphic below.

StockFinder is currently free if you are a Platinum Member at Worden. StockFinder allows you to scan the market for trades established by your set of rules. So, in short, it allows rule-based trading, back testing of strategies, with quote grid windows that light up your stocks as they become rule-certified. A lot of power in this service.


Nothing can take the place of hands-on training. So, I've created the closest thing possible to sitting in your office and looking at the chart screens along with you. If you want details about The Tuesday Trading Class, then click this link.


Zecco is a broker that doesn't advertise a lot - which keeps the trading fees low. It even offers FREE TRADES if your account size qualifies. So, it's definitely worth checking out.

I've enjoyed Zecco for several years now. When I go to short a stock, I seldom get the message "There are no shares available to short". (You've probably seen that one before.) Also, I've experienced very few problems placing trades in a timely fashion, their customer service department is great (though I've seldom had a need to call them), and they have a trading community you can tap into (if you like networking with other traders, creating competing portfolios, etc.).

So here's the link for Zecco:

I hope these links are helpful to you. Many of these sites will offer free day trading info. So, even if you don't subscribe to their services right away, you can utilize the sites and their online training to help you improve as a trader.

You'll find lots of other resources on this web site to help you with your trading. Feel free to explore the many day trading tools and day trading tips you'll find here.

One of the pages on this site will help you walk through the right questions to ask before choosing your broker. If you want to check this out, then click this link: day trading tools (brokers).