Day Trading Tutorials

You can approach this site as a series of day trading tutorials. To make this easier, I've created an outline of the site, with a link called "Go" after each article. That way, you're sure not to miss any of the day trading tutorials.

Home - A dash of history and reality. Go.
Trading the Afternoon Market - Videos & PDFs. Go.
Asset Allocation - Where should you put your money? Go.
Day Trading Rules - Rules and definitions. Go.
Day Trading Regulations - The SEC is on your side. Go.
Stock Trading Platforms - Is swing trading or day trading best? Go.
Build Your Team - An overview of services for day traders. Go.
Stock Brokers - Six considerations when choosing a broker. Go.
Charts - Choose the best charting service you can afford. Go.
Books - A good day trading book can pay for itself. Go.
Chat Rooms - Is a day trading chat room right for you? Go.

Game Basics - The why and how of day trading (with definitions). Go.
Day Trading Instruction - The importance of trading knowledge. Go.
Day Trading Classes - Know how you learn best. Go.
Short Stocks - Play-by-play description of a short trade. Go.
Day Trading Blog - Learning via blogs. Go.
Game Strategy - Questions to help you build a trading strategy. Go.
Find a Good Day Trading System - One example is trading the gap. Go.
Day Trading QQQQ - Why not just trade the market? Go.
MACD Day Trading - The ease and limitations of the MACD. Go.
Keeping Score - Can you day trade for a living? Go.
Controlling Your Losses - How to stop the bleeding. Go.
Failing at Day Trading - Loss prevention strategies. Go.
Practice the Game - Virtual trading has real benefits. Go.
The Inner Game - The psychology of trading. Go.
Membership Club - Learn how to trade with others. Go.
Day Trading Tools. The tools I use and recommend. Go.
About Bob - Free and for a fee resources from yours truly. Go.
My Day Trading Blog - My notes from trading the market. Go.

Day Trading Tutorials - Other Resources

It is one thing to study online articles, read books, and watch videos regarding "how to trade".  It is quite another thing to actually send in those buy and sell orders and trade your hard earned money. 

Doing online research, in the manner that you're doing, was how I got started as well.  But it's a hard-knock approach to trading and it can be very expensive.  If you want to see how real traders approach the market and day trade stocks, then a live chat room is the best approach.  Yes, I am biased.  I've been running live day trading chat rooms for eight years now.  I know a good bit about what makes for success.  And I know a good bit about analyzing the market and sharing that information with other traders.  Not to brag.  But I've been at this game for a fair amount of time and I'm still learning.  So...all of that to say this:  the best day trading tutorial is a live chat room where you can trade with other experienced traders.  While the monthly cost may seem like a lot, that expense can actually save you thousands of dollars.  So, I encourage you to check out my chat room.  And if you don't like me or my approach, then that's fine.  Check out another chat room.  The fact is that trading stocks is not easy.  It's a learning curve like anything else.  The problem is that most new traders lose too much money at the beginning of that learning curve and so they deplete their capital instead of learning to leverage it.  Click here to check out my chat room.

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