Day Trading Videos

I have recorded a lot of day trading videos over the past 8 years.  Thankfully,  the topics of technical analysis and trade management are still relevant today even if some of of the videos show older data. 

For the most up-to-the-minute videos, I encourage you to go to my YouTube video channel and subscribe to the channel.  You'll be notified of new public videos once they're posted.  You can view the YouTube channel by clicking here.

One of the recent videos is posted here:

Day Trading Videos - the Free series

I have posted several videos that are more of a series.  They contain multiple videos about a certain topic so that I can dig a little deeper into those topics.  To get these videos, simply click on the links provided and provide your email address so that I can send them to you.  If you are worried that I'll use your email address to send you a bunch of junk and promotional offers from other people, then you can rest assured "that's not my game".  My email send outs are rare and they only deal with my own content.  Plus, you can always unsubscribe if you don't like what I'm sending to you.

Support & Resistance:

If you are new to day trading stocks or trading the Forex market, then one of the best places to start is by learning about Support & Resistance.  All of my trading is based on a technical analysis of the price charts and Support and Resistance is the foundation of that analysis.

Click Here to receive a FREE 6-part video series on Support and Resistance.  These videos are appropriate as day trading videos or for help with your swing trading.


If you are trading outside normal market hours, you have a small amount of money to invest, or you simply want to diversify your trading, then learning how to trade currencies (the Forex market) is one option for you.  I have a 4-part video series that walks you through a comparison of the stock and Forex markets so you can decide if Forex trading is a right fit for you.

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I have been using the Ichimoku family of indicators since 2011.  This is a unique set of indicators that actually looks at price from the perspective of past, present, and future.  This free video series will introduce you to this method of price analysis.

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YouTube Channel:

As I already mentioned, more free trading videos are available on our YouTube Channel.  You can see those videos and subscribe to the channel to receive notices when new videos are posted.

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