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If you are looking to purchase a Forex Trading Course, then this article will help you weigh some of the factors before you purchase a course. On this page, you'll see a video of the course that I offer, but this program may be too much for you, so I offer some other ideas on this page.

Here are three questions for you to consider.

1. What is your current level of interest? If you are just beginning to explore currency trading, then you may want to start with a basic video series that helps you explore the differences between trading stocks and trading Forex. You can find a free 4-part video series that does that here:  Forex Trading Course.

2. What is your current level of experience? If you know that you want to start paper trading currencies, then here's the link to a free Forex Trading Course

Forex Trading Course Types:

3. What is your long term intention? If you are looking to trade the currency market on a serious level, then you may want to consider a more thorough course that goes beyond the normal stuff. These Forex trading courses will cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, with the higher end courses offering things beyond just a bunch of videos and PDFs.

The following video will show you everything covered in my Forex Money Manager Program:

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The Forex Money Manager Program

Another way of evaluating the various courses that are available for the currency trader is to read some of the author's free material or watch some of their free videos. You'll probably feel more comfortable with one approach over another one. Some authors focus entirely on pin bar candles in conjunction with historical lines of support and resistance. There's nothing wrong with that approach, but it is just one approach.

Some authors will focus on one minute break out strategies. There is nothing wrong with that approach either, but there are many more strategies available to the Forex trader and not all traders have the time to focus on day trading the currency market.

Other authors, such as myself, use technical analysis to trade Forex. By using technical analysis, we can utilize candle formations, support and resistance, momentum strategies, and a whole group of other indicators to help us in our trade decisions. We can pick from a menu of possible strategies. For example, we might use momentum strategies for day trading and then use Fibonacci analysis for swing trading. In this way, we do not limit the trader to one type of strategy or only one time frame. There is a great deal of flexibility as each trader decides what works best for them.

I hope this article has been helpful to you.