Free Forex Alerts

Free Forex alerts are now available on our Facebook page. 

A  few months  ago, I started posting trade alerts on the Start Day Trading Facebook page.  While I have posted other content as well, I can tell that the Forex trade alerts were the most popular posting based on the number of views and shares that those posts received.

So, you'll  start to see more of those posts in the future.

Now, you won't see 5 trade alerts per day or anything close to that.  My focus is upon the larger time frames and specifically the 4-hour charts.  This allows members plenty of time to get into the trades if they agree with my analysis.

You'll also notice that I use Ichimoku charts for these alerts.  If you'd like to learn more about Ichimoku, then you'll see some articles listed toward your left and you can check it out.

Here's an example of a 4-hour  Ichimoku chart of the EUR/USD:

Free Forex Alerts - Trading Tips

By being more selective in your trading (i.e. taking fewer trades per week rather than jumping in and out of small pip movements) you increase your probability for success. 

I strongly suggest that new traders use very small micro lots to begin trading.  Do not attempt to "get rich quick", even if you feel the need to make some immediate profit.  Take a larger view and trade the larger trends in the market.

Following this advice, you'll see alerts that are mostly based on the 4-hour charts in the Facebook group.  This time frame gives members of the group plenty of time to get into the trade and make profit as the trend continues.

There is no guarantee of profit, of course.  And all  trading is risky.  So start out by paper trading the alerts and see how you do at first.  Then, when you think you're ready, you can begin using small amounts of equity.

I look forward to  seeing you on Facebook.

I mean, come's free!

If you'd like to share the above YouTube video with others, then here's the link:  Click Here.

Here's the text from the above animation:

Hello, this is Daniel.  On Thursday, Bob Joiner posted this chart to a small Facebook group and said "Expecting GBP JPY to fall through this green line and continue lower."  The next morning, this is what the chart looked like.  The British Pound vs. the Japanese Yen had fallen approximately 170 pips within 20 hours.  That's a larger gain in one day that most Forex traders make in one week.  So, congrats to those who followed along.
If you'd like to receive these free Forex alerts, then search for us on Facebook.  Just type "Start Day Trading" into the search bar in Facebook.  Then like and follow us to get your free forex alerts.
See you there.