Free Stock Chart Tweets!

Here's a neat little benefit from being a Platinum member of TeleChart2007. I can send out live charts via Twitter. Here's a sample of a possible chart.

So, if you're interested, just go to: and sign up for a free account.

Here's the thing about these charts. They are live. So, when you click on the left portion of the url link in my twitter message, you will be taken to a live chart. If you are using your computer to accept twitter, then I know you can use the roller ball portion of the mouse to go back and see earlier times on that chart.

Since this is a live chart, you can even change the time frame setting at the top of the chart after it's sent to you.

Interesting stuff. Not sure yet how I'll be using this new tool. But...I've got some ideas.

So, go ahead and get on twitter and start following me. We'll see what happens next.

By the way, the charts are free at
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