Ichimoku Charts
Where can I find them?

Where can I find Ichimoku charts? Where can I find some free resources for understanding them?

Not every charting package makes these Japanese charts available. So I've listed some sites where you can find these charts. Some of these are free sites and some require a monthly fee. As usual, you get more bells and whistles with the fee-based charting packages. But, if you are new to Ichimoku, then the free services will work just fine for now.

I'll start with the best of the best. TC2000 is the charting software I've been using for 8+ years. It's not cheap, as live data cost about $100 per month. But these charts are the best and the charting software offers so many avenues for alerts and analysis that it's worth the expense.

Examples of Ichimoku charts:

Here's an example from TC2000:

The above chart is a 4-hour chart of EURUSD. 

On the above chart, I've circled a little triangle at the bottom of the chart. This is one method for adjusting the chart's right edge. Since Ichimoku charts look ahead 26 periods, then you'll need to adjust the charts to show this data. Most chart software does not automatically adjust for this fact, but you can save chart set ups once you've made the adjustment.

Once you slide the triangle over a bit, it looks like this:

The above chart shows the chart once I've moved the triangle to the left and exposed more of the chart's right edge.  It shows the 26-period forward-looking information that was previously hidden on the charts.

Here's another resource.  This is a daily chart of AAPL using www.stockcharts.com:

The above resource automatically adjusts the right edge to expose the full data.  For many traders, this view seems strange.  But this is part of the benefit of using Ichimoku charts...they allow us to peer into the future for possible areas of support and resistance.

Another resource, and this one is free, is  www.tradingview.com.  Here's an example from this service:

On the above chart, you'll notice that the full view of the far right edge is hidden on their default settings.  But the fix is an easy one.  Simply click on the gear image for "chart properties" at the top of the page and make the following change:

When you go into the Scales tab, just adjust the right margin of the chart to accommodate the 26 bars in the right margin.  Save your changes and then save the chart template and you're all set.

Most chart platforms will allow you to make similar changes to the charts.  I've just shown you a few examples on this page.

Ichimoku charts are used in Bob Joiner's chat room for swing trade analysis of stocks.  More information about this service is available by clicking this link.