Market Direction:  7-9-2015

Here's a follow up video to trends and stocks mentioned on 6-29-2015.

(The video may take a moment to load, depending on your connection.)

Update:  6-29-2015

Here's the End of Day video I provided to my Ichimoku members today.

Market Update - 6-14-2015

Below is a video I recorded on 6-14-2015.  I review our previous analysis of the NASDAQ and also mentioned three stocks that are potentially "overbought" at this time.

NASDAQ - Trend Lines - 5-31-2015

The following video looks at current trend lines for the NASDAQ.  Recent highs have seen a "whack-a-mole" reaction in the market, but certain lines of Support & Resistance are holding so far.

Looking to trade the trend?  You can find more information about Bob Joiner's Ichimoku Trend Trader service by clicking here.

S&P-500 - 5-26-2015

The following video gives an overview of market direction from the perspective of the Ichimoku indicators.  We look at support and resistance and view some of the stocks that are still qualified as bullish.