Who is Robert Joiner?

So who is Robert Joiner (aka Bob Joiner), the guy behind this web site. Here's a short bio as well as a list of ways you can get more involved.

Figured we'd get the picture out of the way first. I'm a middle-aged, graying guy who loves to trade stocks and currencies.   I've been an active trader since 2007 and I've traded stocks, options, futures and Forex.  I got started and I got hooked. 

In my first year, I lost a lot of money. But I survived. After trying and testing various trading strategies, I developed my own and then I wrote a book about it (The GapDownProfits Strategy). The main reason I wrote the book was so my kids, should they ever become interested, could learn from me what took me a year to learn from the school of losses. The book became known to a few people and then I did a few webinars. That book is now out-of-print because it was re-written.   Another company converted it into a  book/DVD package as part of a package for annual subscribers to Morning Hours Trading (MHT, as it was affectionately called).   My relationship with that company was terminated in 2016   when I started  my own chat room.  (More information about my chat room is available by clicking this link.)

Then I wrote another book to give an overview of what I look at when I'm trading (The Power of the S-Curve). If you're interested, that's actually the first book you should read if you're new to technical analysis.

I recently completed a new book/video course focused on Trading the Afternoon Market. If you're interested in that, then click here. I started this web site in late 2008 as a way to provide some free training to people who are learning how to trade. The survival rate among "newbies" is not good. And I would like to improve those odds because I believe that trading stocks is one of the great business opportunities left on the planet. But, like any new business, it takes more than money to survive. You have to learn what you're doing. And a lot of the web site is geared toward making that happen.

The Free Stuff from Robert Joiner

Clicking the above image block will give you FREE access to a seven-part video course. It will teach you some of key areas of Support and Resistance and it's one of the most critical areas for traders to understand.  One video lesson is issued each day via email, giving you time to utilize the information before receiving the next video lesson.

Beyond this web site, there are several things you can get for FREE from me.

1) One is the e-zine you've seen referenced on some of the pages. The e-zine is produced to announce the release of new products, so it isn't issued very often. By signing up, however, you get access to some great content from the past and you'll stay in the loop with "what's happening with Robert Joiner". Don't worry, I respect your privacy and I will not bombard you with sales gimmics. I don't have time for that.

In case you missed the sign-up, you can do that here:

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2) The second thing I'm going to start doing is twittering. For those who haven't heard of it yet, here's the link: twitter.com. When you sign up for twitter (free), then you can look up "bob joiner" and follow me. Occasionally, I'll send a note about what I'm doing or a market comment. But, the comments here are short and random - no extensive analysis on twitter.  I'm also on Instagram (StockTalkCharts) and Facebook (StartDayTrading).

3) I have quite a number of YouTube videos posted (StartDayTrading). 

 So, if you want to know what my current thoughts are about trading, stop losses, market direction, and specific stock analysis, then Facebook and YouTube are the best places to look.

(That assumes you've already read all of the great content on this site. If not, then check below for a few more links.)

The Day Trading Tools I Recommend

There are certain day trading tools that I endorse. These are the tools of the trade such as news sources, chart services, and brokers. If you want to know who I like and what I recommend, then you can take a quick visit to: Day Trading Tools I Recommend. Even if you don't subscribe to any of these services, they offer lots of free stuff to traders to help you advance your profits. So don't be timid about checking out the menu buttons and see what free training they have available.

Books by Robert Joiner

The second level of involvement would require some money. As I've mentioned, I've written two books about trading stocks. They are available from lulu.com as either print or download versions. Both books include color charts to illustrate my strategies. So, if you don't have a color printer and like to hold a book in your hands, that option is available. Here's the link: Robert Joiner - books

Chat Room

The next level of involvement is for serious traders only.

I lead a morning chat room, called StockTalk. I'm available in that chat room for the first two hours of each trading day, providing lists of stocks for day trading as well as trade set-ups. I typically trade 3 or 4 stocks "live" each morning and I average 80 - 90% accuracy in my trades.

If you're interested in more information, then click here.

So, those are some ways you can get a little more involved.

Whatever your level of trading experience, I hope you find this site helpful. If you wish to contact me, then please use the following form to do so.

Again, thanks for visiting.

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