Stock Trading

If you are new to stock trading, then getting an education is the first thing to do before you start.  If you are trading with real money, then please understand the risk involved.  While stock trading can be profitable, your best track is to spend some time and money getting educated while you paper trade until you have some proven success.  I know it's difficult to throttle down.  But the money you don't lose now will more important to you later, once you know more about what you're doing.

Stock Trading Articles

I've organized a series of articles that will help you get started.  Just click on the blue link to read each article.   (I encourage you to mark this page as one of your favorites, so you can come back later.)

1.  Day Trading Rules.  There are certain rules regarding equity requirements and number of executable trades that apply to different markets.

2.  Day Trading Basics. If you're new to trading, and especially day trading, then this article will teach you the basic idea and introduce you to some of the language that traders use.

3.  Strategy.  If we approach trading as a game, then we understand the need to have a strategy for winning. 

4.  Practice.  Trading involves juggling several elements simultaneously.  Let's review the components.

5.  Your Team.  Brokers, charts, chat rooms, etc.

6.  The Mental Game.  When you're flying solo, there are a lot of thoughts that can get in the way. 

7.  Losing Successfully.  No one wants to have losing trades.  But avoidance is a failure to understand the laws of probabilities.

8.  Trading Systems.  A system is a group of components that work together to create a unified goal or outcome.

9.  Follow Directions.  Other resources for day trading instructions.

10.  Trading for a Living.  Is it possible to make a living by just trading?

11.  Video Instruction.  Links to videos you might enjoy.

12.  Free Courses.  Can't beat free, right?

13.  Day Trading for a Living.  Learn about the mental games that can prevent our success as traders.